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Exterminate Ants


Ants are the most common pest problem reported. These tiny scavengers will enter your home or business looking for moisture and an accessible food source. Sometimes even rotting or damp wood that has mold damage can attract ants. Most, nut not all, ants also feed on all types of sweets. They also eat cheese, meats, vegetables, grease, peanut butter and dead insects.


Ants live in perfect places to grow and multiply. If there is an endless food source and everything else an ant could need. The largest barrier to getting rid of ants once they get into your home is that they can multiply faster than a home owner can get rid of them. If you spray one of those bug sprays from the store and kill multiple ants, there are already many more hatching. This simple math makes it impossible to get rid of common ants. My Son & I Pest Control Company is the answer.


Our professional ant control company will provide you with everything you need to eliminate your ant problem. Our trained ant exterminator can fix your problem in a short period of time. You just make the phone call and one of our trained professionals will be there with solutions.


Kill Ants in my Home